Matthew 1: The genealogy 

Five women.  Matthew’s genealogy lists five women and each one has something to hide.  Tamar bore one of Jesus’ ancestors with her father-in-law. Rahab bore one of Christ’s ancestors and she was a harlot.  Ruth bore Obed, she was a Moabite.  Moabites (as a people) were specifically excluded from the tabernacle.  Bathsheba bore Solomon to David.  She was married to Uriah at the time.  David had Uriah killed.  Finally Mary became pregnant with Jesus before she was married.
If you were writing a genealogy of Jesus wouldn’t you go out of your way to gloss over these women?  Matthew seems to go out of his way to emphasize them, and here we see grace at work.  These five women, despite their sin or unfortunate nationality, were all used by God to accomplish the salvation of the world.  Amazing. Unexpected. Just like God.