I’m really noticing the nature of the accusations against Job by his three so-called friends as I read through Job this time. His friends couch their accusations in the third person [he rather than you], but both they and Job fully understand that all their remarks are aimed squarely at Job.

      Take Zophar for instance.  He begins chapter 20 by pointing out that he is driven by his great understanding, implying that Job is driven only by his emotions: Job 20:3 (HCSB)  I have heard a rebuke that insults me,
and my understanding makes me reply.  This is a humble man, no?
     Zophar says: Job 20:23 (HCSB)  When he fills his stomach, God will send His burning anger against him,
raining it down on him while he is eating. What he means by this is: “How’s your body, Job, does any of this sound familiar?”  Then again he says: Job 20:26 (HCSB) Total darkness is reserved for his treasures. A fire unfanned by human hands will consume him; it will feed on what is left in his tent.  What he means is : “Speaking of that, Job, where’s all your stuff?  Oh that’s right, it was all destroyed.  Interesting coincidence don’t you think.”
     One can see the miserable nature of this counsel.  Unwilling to listen to Job. Unwilling to consider that he might be right and their conception of God might be wrong.  Taunting Job as they propound  their theory of what is going on.  Miserable comforters indeed.
     Brothers (and sisters) let us not be Zophars as we counsel the hurting!