Ruth 1:22 (HCSB)

So Naomi came back from the land of Moab with her daughter- in- law Ruth the Moabitess. They arrived in Bethlehem at the beginning of the barley harvest. 

     God in his providence has Naomi and Ruth arrive back in Bethlehem at the time of  the barley harvest.  Naomi—who understandably thinks that God has dealt bitterly with her—will not have to wait too long before she begins to get a glimpse of what God might be up to.  Despite appearances, God is dealing kindly with Naomi all through  the book of Ruth.  She will be the great-grandmother of David, and in the line of Messiah.  Great blessing!
     As The Visual Guide to the Bible points out: “Bethlehem became the home of King David and the birthplace of Jesus.  Bethlehem, house of bread and home of shepherds, became the home of the Bread of Life and the Good Shepherd.”
     “The one, true, loving God wove together rain, land, hunger, death, heartache, love, and a baby, revealing to us his character and establishing his plan of rescue.”
     Sometimes God’s blessing comes in strange and unlikely, not to mention unnoticed ways, dear reader.