“I will sing about the Lord’s faithful love forever;
I will proclaim Your faithfulness to all generations
with my mouth.” (Psalm 89.1, HCSB)

So I’m reading this verse at Starbucks Coffee in Fort Lauderdale in 2013 and thinking that little did Ethan know how far his words would reach when he proclaimed/wrote them.  They are read, meditated upon, and memorized from Florida to California, from Shanghai to Ulanbator, from Sydney to Moscow, and beyond in 2013.  Ethan’s song about the Lord’s faithfulness is certainly proclaimed to all generations by the sustaining power of God.

We cannot write inspired Scripture like Ethan did here, but we can do our little part to proclaim God’s faithfulness “to all generations.”  We can write.  We can speak.  We can teach our children, who will—God willing—teach their children and in this way proclaim God’s faithfulness to all generations.

One might argue that there is no more important thing to do upon this earth, then proclaim God’s faithfulness.  Speak it, China; Praise him, Mongolia; Declare his faithfulness, Australia and New Zealand and Antarctica and North Korea and Iran.  God has raised up, in each of these countries, those who declare his faithfulness to all generations.

May we do our own little part of proclamation by God’s power and in his grace.