“They have installed kings, but not through Me. They have appointed leaders, but without My approval. They make their silver and gold into idols for themselves for their own destruction.”
(Hosea 8:4 HCSB)

It’s easy to read about the Israelites and their propensity to make silver and gold into idols and laugh at them and feel superior because we aren’t dumb enough to worship something that is made with silver or gold.  Here’s the thing: we are just like them!  Who is it that said that our hearts are one gigantic idol manufacturing plant (Ken Sande maybe?).  It’s so true.  No, we don’t create silver and gold idols now, but we make idols out of television sets and movie theaters and greenbacks and power and status and reputation, and…[insert anything here].

The particular type of idol has changed, but in terms of the draw of worshiping something else besides the creator God, we are ever prone to pursuing that thing!

JFB Commentary: “Though warned of the consequences of idolatry, as it were with open eyes they rushed on their own destruction. So Jeremiah 27:10, 15; 44:8.”

We have been warned, dear reader.  We have been warned.