Here is yet another example of why I really like the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) because of its vivid translation style:

“Desolation, decimation, devastation! Hearts melt, knees tremble, loins shake, every face grows pale!”
(Nahum 2:10 HCSB)

Here Nahum is speaking of the judgment to come upon Nineveh for her sins, and come it did 120 years after the revival from Jonah’s peculiar ministry.  It’s interesting that 120 years is the amount of time that Noah both built the ark and preached to the people of God’s coming judgment.  A preaching ministry that was not heeded.

I can’t think of any other verse in the Scriptures where God’s judgment is portrayed so vividly.  If one is inclined to think that when God shows up in judgment he/she will stand up and oppose God, this verse ought to disabuse that person of any such notion.  When God comes in judgment hearts melt, knees tremble, loins shake.  No one can oppose the Lord of Hosts and no one will.  Everyone will run for cover (Rev 6.15-17).

Of course, dear reader, the antidote to opposing the God-who-comes-in-judgment is to yield to him, to surrender, to wave the white flag, to fall to your knees and proclaim him Lord and God.