I decided to enjoy myself and find out what happiness is. But I found that this is useless, too.” (Ecclesiastes 2:1, GNB)

I like the spare and simple nature of the translation from the GNB here.  Solomon set out to become a hedonist–someone who lives life for the pleasure that they can get out of it–he was not successful at his endeavor to explain life by the pursuit of pleasure. Nor, as it turns out, was he able to explain life in any other number of ways that he pursued it.

He ultimately decides that, no matter how wise one is, and no matter how hard one searches for it, the key to life, the key to understanding what God is up to in the big and little events of life, is elusive.  God does not often reveal what he is up to in our lives, we find that we hang on, sometime for dear life and sometime for the sheer pleasure and joy that it brings.  The problem is that we don’t know which is headed our way, nor why it is headed that way.

So life comes down to trust, we must just trust.