Who was it that made this happen? Who has determined the course of history? I, the Lord, was there at the beginning, and I, the Lord, will be there at the end.” (Isaiah 41:4, GNB)

A beautiful verse of setting forth God as the Creator-God who made all things and who therefore “owns” all things.

In the context, God is pointing out that he is going to send Cyrus the Persian to conquer both Assyria and Babylon and take over the Ancient Near East.  Who will make this happen? The very one who “has determined the course of history.”

God was there at the beginning and he was the only one there.  Despite Man’s best efforts, we do not know the mechanism of creation, indeed science must postulate that there are an infinite number of universes in order to explain away a beginning and therefore a causer of the beginning, no matter how foolish such an explanation seems.

God will be there reigning supreme at the end of time.

John Calvin writes:

Hence it follows, that he presides over all ages, that we may not think that this world is governed by chance, while the providence of God is clearly seen in the succession of ages. But because, in consequence of various changes, the world appears to revolve by blind impulse, the Prophet declares by these words that those manifold events were known “from the beginning”’ of the world, which amounts to this, that amidst that variety which time brings, God reigns, and accomplishes by a uniform course what he decreed from the beginning.