My hands made the earth’s foundations and spread the heavens out. When I summon earth and sky, they come at once and present themselves.” (Isaiah 48:13, GNB)

This is one of many verses in the Old Testament especially, in which God acts as if inanimate objects: earth, sky, rocks, trees, seas, etc. are animate.  Here he summons “earth and sky” and they “come at once and present themselves.”

I like how this pictures all of creation as obedient to the One who created them. He speaks. They listen and obey.

Would that this were true of mankind.

John Calvin writes:

Yet I willingly extend it to the continual government of the world; as if he had said, “Heaven and earth yield to the authority of the Lord and obey his voice, and those bodies which are at the greatest distance from each other move of their own accord with astonishing harmony, as if they were carried about by the same motion of a wheel. Though heaven is separated from the earth by a wide space, yet the voice of the Lord is everywhere heard, he needs no messengers to convey his will, but by the slightest expression he executes everything at the very moment.” Is there any prince who has his servants everywhere rendering to him instant obedience? Certainly not. Thus, the power of God is infinite, is diffused far and wide, and extends to every part of the world, as Scripture declares, (Psalm 47:2,) and as we learn by the instructions of faith.