How I hope that I shall be faithful in keeping your instructions!” (Psalm 119:5, GNB)

I like how the GNB translates this verse.  The psalmist (David?) is all too aware of the human condition and of our propensity to fail in obedience even when we sincerely desire to obey.  This is why he can say that his hope and longing is to be faithful in keeping God’s instructions.

Our obedience, whether we would like to admit it or not, rests upon God’s power and the Holy Spirit’s influence in our lives.

Spurgeon: “We cannot of ourselves keep God’s statutes as he would have them kept, and yet we long to do so: what resort have we but prayer?”

John Calvin (who has a deep, deep understanding of our condition as imperfect humans):

God’s plainly instructing us in his law, the obtuseness of our understanding, and the perversity of our hearts, constantly need the direction of his Spirit. Our main desire, therefore, ought to be for an understanding wisely regulated by the law of God, and also for a docile and obedient heart.