Jerusalem will be a source of joy, honour, and pride to me; and every nation in the world will fear and tremble when they hear about the good things that I do for the people of Jerusalem and about the prosperity (shalom) that I bring to the city.”” (Jeremiah 33:9, GNB)

This is God’s promise to his people.  Yes, he is bringing judgment upon them, and yes, it will be terrible, but mercy comes bubbling through the cracks as it always does with our God and he turns to the promise of restoration.  God will do “good things” for his people and will bring shalom to the city.

Shalom is an interesting word.  It means: “profound wholeness and well-being. The term can be used in many ways, but it especially designates a state of prosperity or good health.” [Lexham Theological Workbook]

Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament defines it as: “The general meaning behind the root š-l-m is of completion and fulfillment—of entering into a state of wholeness and unity, a restored relationship.”
God will restore the relationship with his people which has been torn asunder by the sins and choices of those people. It’s an amazing thing, but that is our God.