I am unimportant and despised, but I do not neglect your teachings.” (Psalm 119:141, GNB)

The word translated “despised” is a word used to describe something that is seen as worthless even though it really isn’t worthless.  It is usually used to describe people treating valuable things as worthless [Lexham Theological Wordbook], which is precisely how it is used here.  The author of Psalm 119 is not saying that he is worthy to be despised, he is saying that to the world he is “unimportant and despised,”  however, this is not how God sees him.  He is the opposite of unimportant and despised because he follows God’s teachings, laws, and precepts.

Here is an unchanging truth of the Scriptures: Those who follow God and obey his commands are pleasing to God and therefore not unimportant and despised.

This is not to say that we are made acceptable to God because of what we do, the New Testament dismisses that notion, it means that we put out a fragrant aroma when we are living as God has called us to live and indeed when we are living in the only way that truly makes us flourish as humans.