Lord God of our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, keep such devotion for ever strong in your people’s hearts and keep them always faithful to you.” (1 Chronicles 29:18, GNB)

Love the GNB translation here.  David is praising God “before the whole assembly” (vs. 10) and prays that God will keep the devotion of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob “for ever strong”  in the hearts of God’s people.  It’s an interesting recognition of God’s sovereignty in keeping his own people close to him.

We might expect David to pray that the people keep their hearts “for ever strong” towards God, but David fully understands by now (no doubt through his lifelong experience with his own heart) that he is as prone to wander away from the Lord as all of the rest of the nation of Israel.  He shows great dependence upon God here and that is a good thing, that is what God is after in the hearts and lives of his people.

When we think of our own devotion to God, it would be wise to think exactly as David does.  We need God to keep us “for ever strong” in our devotion towards him, or we will surely fail.