“Cornelius stared at the angel, terrified. “What is it, sir?” he asked. “Your prayers,” replied the angel, “and your acts of charity have gone up into God’s presence, so that he has you on his mind.”  Acts 10.4 (CJB)


What strikes me here is that God’s attention is on Cornelius for what he is doing: acts of charity and prayers. These reflect the heart of Cornelius which is one of devotion to God even though he is not a Jew himself.

God honors Cornelius’s devotion and miraculously sends Peter to come and preach the gospel to him. He is saved as well as those who hear the gospel with him.

Grace looks different with different people. Indeed grace is as individualistic–it would appear– as there are numbers of people who come to faith. God always seems to be dealing with the individual human heart in matters of salvation.