“So she named ADONAI who had spoken with her El Ro’i [God of seeing], because she said,”Have I really seen the One who sees me [and stayed alive]?” – Gen 16.13 (CJB)

Hagar learns when she is cast out into the wilderness and an angel of the Lord ministers to her, that all along God had been watching over her.  God had seen her.  She calls him El Ro’i–the God who sees.  This profoundly affects her actions. She obeys the command of the angel and goes back to Sarah and submits to her authority, until the final blow when Sarah herself has a child.  Sarah–who seems to have a rather harsh personality–drives Hagar into the wilderness because she will have no conflict between Abraham’s children for who will inherit Abraham’s wealth, especially since Ishamel is the older brother!

God sees all that happens and provides for Hagar and Ishmael, even when they are driven out of the household of Abraham.

Even when we do not think that God sees our situation, like Hagar, he sees, he knows, he acts, he provides.