Be and Become John 1It’s fascinating to me how careful John was with his wording as he wrote.  Here I have highlighted two different words in the Greek:  “to be” [green] and “to become” [orange].

“In the beginning was [to be] the Word,” writes John.  Jesus didn’t “become” the Word, he always was the word.

“All things were made” [to become], writes John.  All things have not always existed, they came into existence, unlike the Word who always was.

Then notice verse 14.  “The Word became flesh.”  The Word wasn’t always flesh, even though the Word always was.  Jesus became flesh, there was a time when he was not flesh, and then there was a time when he was flesh.

John is very careful here because he wants us to understand the nature of Jesus, the Word of God.  The Word always was, there was not a time when the Word was not in existence, however, the Word became flesh.