Ps 43-3David [we presume] understands the things that will lead him to God’s “holy mountain,” the place in which God dwells:

  1. Light – The word used here seems to be a metaphor for understanding, knowledge, and perhaps even direction.  Without light we can only stumble around and lose our way because we are creatures of light.  David depends upon the Lord to show him the way to his holy dwelling, to that place at which David will enjoy warm, continuous fellowship with his God.  In essence David says, “I am helpless, lead me to yourself.”
  2. Truth – The essential content of the message of God’s nature, indeed God’s essential nature itself.  The word can also mean faithfulness, so it can be thought of as “truth/faithfulness.”  In the same way that David is helpless without light, he is helpless without truth/faithfulness.  He depends upon God’s character as much as he depends upon God’s sustaining direction.  Both are necessary to join God in fellowship, and that is the supreme goal of David’s life.  He understood that nothing else mattered in comparison.

May our God lead us by light and truth/faithfulness into ever deeper relationship with Himself.