He turns a wilderness into a pool of water
and a dry land into springs of water.
 And he settles the hungry there, – (Ps. 107-35-36a, LEB)

The upright see it and are glad, and all wickedness shuts its mouth.” (Psalm 107:42, LEB)

The hungry and needy (vs. 41) are those who see themselves as they truly are, in the New Testament they are the poor in spirit.  Jesus says that the poor in spirit shall inherit the earth.  Here God says that he will settle the hungry in a land that he himself will cause to flourish.  Those who love the Lord will see it and be glad, wickedness will see it and be silent.

You are hungry if you understand that there is nothing in you that deserves God’s peace, nothing you have done to earn it, nothing you can do so that God “owes” you.  You are hungry if you comprehend just the opposite, that you are desperate and sinful and prone to wander and deceitful and self-centered and filled with pride.  If that is you, then lift up your eyes brother or sister, because God has a place for hungry people like us, and It. Is. Good.