I, the Lord, will speak to them, and what I say will be done. There will be no more delay. In your own lifetime, you rebels, I will do what I have warned you I would do. I have spoken,” says the Sovereign Lord.” (Ezekiel 12:25, GNB)

God speaking to Judah.  The people had a parable that said: “‘Time goes by, and predictions come to nothing’?” (GNB).  This basically meant that the prophets who proclaimed doom on the people [like Jeremiah was always doing], were wrong because doom had never come to pass. These were therefore not true prophets because a true prophet is proved when his words come to fulfillment.  Ironically enough this word from the Lord came six years before the epic year of 586 BC when Babylon breached the walls of Jerusalem and all of the destruction that Jeremiah and his fellow prophets had been prophesying came to pass.

So prophesied.  So done.  It is not wise to question the word of the Lord.

Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland Mission once wrote: “There is a God in heaven.  He has spoken in the Bible.  He means what he says and will do all that he has promised.”

Even if what he has promised is judgment.  We must take God’s declaration of punishment for sin and judgment on sinners seriously, even if most people do not.  Our job is to proclaim God’s word, God’s job is to draw people to himself.