Draw near to my soul, redeem me; ransom me because of my enemies!” (Psalm 69:18, ESV)

Beautiful imagery from David here.

  • Redeem: “pertaining to an object or person who has been delivered from danger by being purchased from indenture or slavery, with a focus on the relationship to the new master” [Dictionary of Biblical Languages with Semantic Domains/DBLH].  David knew that he needed to be delivered from slavery, and he understood that only God could be the Redeemer.
  • Ransom: “to cause the freedom or release of a person from bondage or ownership, often implying a delivering or rescue of a person in distress” [DBLH]. Spurgeon comments; “Deliver me because of mine enemies, lest they should, in their vaunting, blaspheme thy name, and boast that thou art not able to rescue those who put their trust in thee.” If David was not delivered from his enemies that would give his enemies cause to speak out against David’s God and all that he stood for as Creator of the earth and Lord of Israel.

Spurgeon: “The near approach of God is all the sufferer needs; one smile of heaven will still the rage of hell.”