But you are on high forever, O Yahweh.” (Psalm 92:8, LEB)

Hebrew poetry often uses a chiastic structure which might be compared to a sandwich which is exactly the same on both sides.  The outer portion is bread, next comes lettuce on each piece of bread and then cheese on the lettuce, and then in the middle, what you really came to eat: a nice thick piece of ham.  The ham is the most important and tasty part of the sandwich.

In Hebrew poetry when you have a chiastic structure [as there is in Psalm 92], what is in the middle is the most important point that the poet is making.  In Ps 92 the exact middle of the poem is vs. 8: But you are on high forever, O Yahweh.

On one side of vs. 8 is this verse:

When the wicked flourish like grass and all the workers of evil blossom, it is so they can be destroyed forever.” (Psalm 92:7, LEB)

On the other side of vs. 8 is this:

For behold, your enemies, O Yahweh, for behold, your enemies will perish. All the workers of evil will be scattered.” (Psalm 92:9, LEB)

It’s a beautiful picture of God’s enemies falling before him and in the middle in vs. 8, God Almighty reigns forever on high, his enemies vanquished his purpose accomplished, history finished.

This is the middle verse of the Psalm, and the great fact which this Sabbath song is meant to illustrate. God is at once the highest and most enduring of all beings. Others rise to fall, but he is the Most High to eternity. – Charles Spurgeon