Praise the Lord! Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting.” (Psalm 106:1, NASB95)

This is an interesting way to start out a psalm that is about Israel’s rebelliousness and the Lord’s deliverance of Israel.  It’s as if the psalmist is saying, “before I get started, I want you to remember that…”

What we can take from this is that, in spite of Israel’s rebellion, God is still good, that his lovingkindness [hesed in the Hebrew; covenant love, or love that is faithful to his covenant] is everlasting, that it does not depend upon Israel’s behavior, but on God’s promise and commitment.  This fact alone is reason enough for thanks.  What would we do as follower of God if his covenant love was based upon our faithfulness to him, and lack of sin?  One shudders to think, or to put it bluntly, we would be screwed.

God does not remove his hesed from us when we sin, rather, like the Israelites he corrects us/them and sets us back on the right path, like any father who loves his children would do.

Goodness towards sinners assumes the form of mercy, mercy should therefore be a leading note in our song. Since man ceases not to be sinful, it is a great blessing that Jehovah ceases not to be merciful. From age to age the Lord deals graciously with his church, and to every individual in it he is constant and faithful in his grace, even for evermore. – Charles Spurgeon