Then these men came as a group and they found Daniel praying and pleading for mercy before his God.” (Daniel 6:11, LEB)

Say that you find out that a certain group of very powerful people hate you and want to destroy you because you have a very important position in government and you are a Christian and they figure out that they can destroy you only by using your beliefs against you.  They have a bogus law passed that will end up destroying you, and by destroying I mean killing you.  When you understand that threat, what do you do?

I know what I would do?  Go pray to the Lord to destroy those people who are trying to destroy me.  Tell him that I have been a good and faithful servant of his and ask for his protection.

Daniel, when he knows that all of this is set up specifically against him, just goes about his daily pattern praying three times a day with his window open towards Jerusalem.  What is he praying for?  Mercy!

He is praying for mercy.  He is not praying for deliverance from his enemies.  He is not even praying that his enemies would be crushed.  He is praying that the Lord would have mercy on him.  I’m thinking he is praying for mercy because he understands himself so well.  Who wouldn’t be in fear because of this law?  Who wouldn’t be afraid for their lives?  Who wouldn’t want those evil men who oppose them dead?  Daniel is different.  He is not seeking deliverance from these men, he is seeking mercy for himself and he understands that God is a mercy-giving God.

The irony is that Daniel gets everything:  mercy, justice, deliverance, and the satisfaction of seeing wicked men receive due punishment for their wickedness.