Nation was crushed by nation, and city was against city, for God threw them into confusion by all sorts of trouble. But as for you, be strong and let not your hands be weak, for there is reward for your labor.”” (2 Chronicles 15:6–7, LEB)

This is a description of the political situation at the time of the reforms of Asa, King of Judah. Some observations:

  1. Some times are more tumultuous and unsettled than others politically, economically and culturally. Here the general political situation at the time of the prophecy of Oded was “confusion” and “all sorts of trouble.”
  2. God is in control of tumultuous times. Notice that nations were attacking other nations and cities other cities, because “God threw them into confusion.”  God, for his own good and wise purposes was bringing tumultuous times.
  3. Followers of God are to be strong in tumultuous times and not weak. This particular instruction is given to Asa, but applies to everyone who follows God.  “Be strong” here means: “to have the ability to accomplish what is intended, implying that an element of resolve is needed as well” [Dictionary of Biblical Languages Hebrew].  Our strength comes, not from some innate characteristic, but from our reliance upon the power and word of God who brings his strength to bear upon the situation.
  4. Our faithful labor for God, whether it be in tumultuous times or peaceful times will be rewarded. Here Asa will receive a reward for his faithful labor. This is a general principle that applies to all of God’s people.  Our faithfulness to God will not go unnoticed.

Whether we serve God in a time of peace and prosperity or a time of tumult and upheaval, God calls us to rely on his strength and to go on laboring faithfully before him.