One of His disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, said to Him, “There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but what are these for so many people?”” (John 6:8–9, NASB95)

We may excuse Andrew for his little faith since, given the same situation, all of us would have had much the same reaction.  Feeding the great crowd with five barley loaves and two fish was simply beyond the imagination of any of Jesus’ disciples.  It’s kind of funny in light of that fact that Jesus proceeds to not only feed everyone in the great crowd, but have the disciples collect up the unused portions of food!  The reader gets the idea that Jesus is not bound by normal standards of what is sufficient or what is enough.

Looking back, this is Jesus’ second miracle in which he takes something [here bread, in John 2.1-12, wine] and makes it super abundant beyond anyone’s imagination.  This profusion of food and drink, a sign of blessing, has been prophesied in the Old Testament, and is fulfilled quite unexpectedly here by Jesus, among thousands in the Galilean wilderness.  This is unexpected and so goes unnoticed by the powers that be and those who should have known and understood.

The Kingdom of Heaven, which Jesus has ushered in, is one of super abundant blessing in both the spiritual and physical realms.  This is not to say that a follower of Jesus will always experience overabundance of material things in their life, they most likely will not.  Prosperity in this life is mainly of the spiritual kind, although it may sometimes be accompanied by physical blessings. We await the coming of the end of the age and Jesus’ return for all believers to experience the physical prosperity of heaven.  Jesus’ miracle here is a type of what will certainly come.

It will be fun in heaven to laugh with Andrew at his reaction before Jesus proceeds to feed the 5000.  This is something with which every believer can identify.