Then King Hezekiah and the princes commanded the Levites to praise Yahweh with the words of David and Asaph the seer. So they offered praise with joy, and they bowed down and worshiped. –  2 Chronicles 29.30, LEB

They offered praise with joy.  They bowed down.  They worshiped.  These are actions of dependence.  God’s temple had been neglected and the worship of the Lord had slowly declined,  until Hezekiah led the people back to faithfulness.  The result of that journey is listed here,  a renewed understanding of all that the Lord was for Israel,  and accompanying joy.  A renewed commitment to worship. A new zeal to demonstrate worship in posture.

We could learn a lot from this revival.  We are prone to wander away from the Lord being the pathetic humans that we are.  Let’s pray that God keeps drawing us back to a renewed understanding of Him and his character and care for his people.