For this reason was my heart made glad、 and my tongue exulted,— Yea further even my flesh shall encamp on hope:” (Acts 2:26, EMPH)

Peter quotes Psalm 16.8-11 here in his great sermon on Pentecost and reminds his listeners that it was what David had said concerning Christ, the Messiah.

I like the translation in The Emphasized Bible here, “my flesh shall encamp on hope.”  It’s a good place to camp isn’t it? Hope.  David died and lies in the grave.  Peter died, he too lies in the grave.  If the Lord tarries we will die and join them, but while we live [and also why we lie waiting for the resurrection] we should join with David and encamp on hope.

Our hope is not a sort of “cross our fingers and wish for the best” kind of hope. No, it is hope that is set in the cornerstone of Christ’s promises and the character of God.  God will do what he says. Christ will return.  This mortal life is not the end.  We set our tent of hope on God’s promised word and on Jesus Christ and him crucified, risen, and ascended into heaven.