Then took Abimelech sheep and oxen、 and men-servants and maid-servants, and gave to Abraham,—and restored to him Sarah his wife.” (Genesis 20:14, EMPH)

This is a weirdly amazing verse.  Abraham ends up in King Abimelech’s land and because he feared Abimelech colludes with his wife, Sarah, to tell Abimelech that she is his sister.  Abimelech–like every other rapacious king–has the hots for Sarah and takes her into his harem.

God shows up in a dream and tells Abimelech, “Behold thee–dead!” [The Emphasized Bible]. This starts a whole dialogue between Abimelech and God in which we discover that Abimelech hasn’t slept with Sarah yet and it is God who prevented him from doing so, because God understands that Abraham misled the king.

What’s weirdly amazing is that the upshot of the story is that Abraham lies out the wazoo to Abimelech and comes out of it with “sheep and oxen, and men-servants and maid-servants”…and Sarah! [and 1000 pieces of silver].

Through the Bible Daily Devotional Commentary points out: “God may have to chastise his children for their backslidings, but he will not hand them over to the will of their enemies, nor allow his covenant to fail.”

Abraham, out of fear, was not faithful to God in this incident, however, God was faithful to the covenant he had made with Abraham.