Please accept my blessing that is brought to you, because God has dealt graciously with me, and because I have enough.” Thus he urged him, and he took it.” (Genesis 33:11, ESV)

The first encounter between Esau and Jacob in twenty years.  Jacob had deceived Isaac and stolen Esau’s birthright from him.  In trepidation, Jacob approaches the country in which he grew up and meets Esau, worried that his brother still hates him and will attack and kill him and his family.

The old deceiver has come home and God has greatly blessed him in the twenty years that he has been gone.  Jacob takes a bunch of animals from his herds and gifts them to Esau, saying here, “Please accept my blessing.”  Esau does accept the gift and the relationship between the two brothers is restored.  The deceiver has made restitution and the pair are restored to fellowship.

Deception has been costly to Jacob.  He never sees Rebekah again.  He loses fellowship with his brother for twenty years.  He has to endure being deceived by Laban and marrying Leah first, before his true love, Rachel. God, however, has made a promise to Abraham and to Isaac and to Jacob and to their descendants.  God does not abandon his promise even though Jacob has not been “worthy” of what God has promised him.  The covenant stands and over time Jacob is slowly turned into the man that God would have him to be.  This is a beautiful picture of the grace that will come to ultimate fruition at the cross, where all who believe, as deceiving descendants of Jacob [spiritually if not literally] are restored to fellowship with God through faith in Christ.