Then said Joseph unto his brethren— Draw near、 I pray you、 unto me. And they drew near. And he said— I am Joseph your brother, whom ye sold into Egypt. But now do not grieve、 neither let it be vexing in your eyes, that ye sold me hither,—for to save life did God send me before you.” (Genesis 45:4–5, EMPH)

Joseph’s brothers when Joseph suddenly declares to them that he is Joseph! Whom they sold into slavery 13 years previously: “Well, this is a little awkward and embarrassing.”

We see the wisdom of Joseph here.  No doubt in the time that his brothers have been gone he has pondered deeply about the events that transpired to bring him to Egypt and set him as second in the kingdom under Pharaoh.  He has already realized that what they meant for evil, God meant for good; that they wanted to ruin Joseph’s life, but God wanted to save their lives.  All that had happened had come to pass in order for God to save the lives of Joseph, his brothers, his father, and all that Jacob had.  Yet only now did this whole stream of seemingly unconnected events that had been set in motion by enmity and hatred, come together so that anyone understood them together.  What had begun in the dark depths of evil had been completed in the heights of God’s majestic and unexpected care and concern.