In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence,
and his children will have a refuge (Prov 14.26, ESV)

Not only is wisdom grounded in the fear of the Lord, but we discover here that strong confidence [or strong trust] is grounded in the fear of the Lord also. As we yield our lives more and more to God and to his character, we find out that we can trust in God in all places, for all things, despite every barrier. This seems like a good way to gain strong confidence in God. Some of the people who understand this the best are those who have been through difficult and sustained trials. Those who go deepest understand the best that God is true and good and present always!

The parallel truth is that God’s children will have a place of refuge when the storms do strike and blow in such a way that things seem hopeless.

The God in whom we can have strong and solid trust is also the God who provides refuge when things look bleakest.