Trust in Yahweh、 and do good, Dwell in the land、 and feed on fidelity;” (Psalm 37:3, EMPH)

The Hebrew language is sometimes difficult to translate because one word can mean many different things.  In this verse the word that The Emphasized Bible translates “feed” can also mean “shepherd,” “rule,” “enable,” or even “destroy.”  The expression feed on fidelity is translated as:

  • befriend faithulness – ESV
  • feed on faithfulness – LEB
  • be safe – GNB
  • enjoy safe pasture – HCSB
  • live securely – HCSB

Depending on the translator, we think that this verse is an admonition to be so committed to faithfulness that we feed on it for nourishment comparing the need for faithfulness to the need that the body has for food; or, we think it is a call to live securely in the land of promise because Yahweh has put the people there and he is faithful to give them security.

I prefer the word picture of feeding on faithfulness.  God’s duty is to be trustworthy, which we can count on because he can’t be anything else but trustworthy.  Our duty is to feed on faithfulness as we live in security because God is ever watching over us.