Blessed be My Lord! Day by day he beareth our burden for us, God himself is our salvation. Selah.” (Psalm 68:19, EMPH)

The picture that comes to mind for me as I think about this verse is that of a little child tasked to carry a too large weight up a too steep hill.  He makes the effort, but it is too much for him, he simply cannot do it himself.  Along comes a man who has the strength and skill to get that burden up the hill and he shoulders it willingly and the child and the man climb the hill together.

This is our God.  That we do bear and will bear burdens in this life is a truth that needs no empirical evidence because we all bear them and indeed bear some at this very moment.  Why prove the obvious?

God, the God who called all things into being with the word of his power, who upholds all creation now and will uphold it until her purpose is finished, who knows all things and bends all events to his will and purpose, this God bears our burden for us.  The burden of the puny, weak, ever-prone-to-failure individual.  I can only wrap my brain around this fact so far and then my understanding fails me.  Who could even imagine a God like this?

It’s no surprise then that David finishes this particular thought by saying that God himself is our salvation.  Of course he is!  Who else could be?