Exalted is Yahweh, for he inhabiteth a height,— He hath filled Zion with justice and righteousness.” (Isaiah 33:5, EMPH)

The Emphasized Bible translates this verse with the Hebrew word order so that we can see that Exalted is emphasized in the Hebrew. The word exalted means “to be raised or exalted or high.”  It is used of great city walls or of a fortified position that is impregnable to enemy attack.  As here it is used of Yahweh.  When it is used of the Lord it implies that he is high, mighty, lifted up, honored, and glorified.

In the context one of the reasons he is exalted [and should be exalted] is that he has filled his holy city “with justice and righteousness.”  No one else can do this, no one else has the authority and power to do it, which is exactly why Yahweh is exalted because of it.

It’s interesting that in the next verse Isaiah writes that the fear of the Lord is Zion’s treasure. We are to fear the Exalted One, which means to acknowledge and obey him as our God because he is worthy to be our God and worthy to be exalted.  This is our treasure!