Hast thou not known, Hast thou not heard、 That The God of age-past time— Yahweh、 The Creator of the ends of the earth、 Fainteth not、 neither groweth weary、— There is no searching of his understanding:” (Isaiah 40:28, EMPH)

This is one of my favorite verses in my favorite chapter in the Old Testament and second favorite in the entire Bible (after Rom 8).  What struck me when I read it this time was this: There is no searching of his understanding.  Powerful words, these.

This expression is translated various ways:

  • There is no limit to his understanding – HCSB
  • His understanding is unsearchable – ESV
  • No one understands his thoughts – GNB
  • No one can measure the depths of his understanding  – NLT

I kind of like the translation by The Emphasized Bible because it implies that, no matter how much we try and how great our desire might be, his understanding is beyond us, we cannot search out the depths of it.

This is easy to grasp because the more we know about nature, the greater God appears to be.  Who invented quantum physics with its spooky action at a distance?  Who hung the stars in the sky with just the right amount of force to keep the universe from flying apart in a meaningless mass of individual atoms?  Who created the animals with their ability to adapt and produce such a profusion of differing types within each species? Who created the ever smaller particles that make up our universe?  Who gave them laws and made each particle serve Him according to the law by which it was created?  Who made Man with the ability to search out and explore his world and discover his Creator?  How true it is that no matter how carefully we look there is no searching of his understanding.

We cannot search out his understanding, but we can fall to our knees and worship, and we should.