O thou humbled one、 storm-tossed、 uncomforted,— Lo! I am about to set、 in antimony、 thy stones, And will found thee in sapphires;…And all thy children shall be the instructed of Yahweh,— And great shall be the prosperity of thy children.” (Isaiah 54:11,13, EMPH)

What strikes me about this passage is the way that the Lord describes his people.  Using the singular to refer to all of Israel, he calls them “thou humbled one, storm-tossed, uncomforted.”  This sounds like a people in need of rest and refuge, and this is exactly what we discover.  The humbled and storm-tossed can expect the prosperity of their children to be great, and they will be instructed by Yahweh himself.

There is an incredible promise here of people who are tossed about by the difficulties of life being able to rest in the Lord in peace, comfort, and security.  Whether this passage refers to a millenial kingdom on earth when God will reign, or if it looks forward to the end of the ages when God’s people will be with the Lord forever, depends upon your particular brand of theology.  What isn’t in dispute is that God’s people can look forward to a time of peace and safety.  The humbled one(s) will be lifted up in the presence of their Father, the storm-tossed wind and waves will subside, and the ones who are uncomforted will rest in the peace and comfort of God’s kingdom. Happy days indeed!