And Joshua said unto all the people— Lo! this stone shall serve against us as a witness, for it hath heard all the sayings of Yahweh, which he hath spoken with us,—so shall it serve against you as a witness, lest ye should act deceptively against your God.” (Joshua 24:27, EMPH)

I am nothing but a stone

Formed by my Maker and left

To sit in the sands of wind and time

Waiting, waiting, waiting


I know my Creator just as well as you

Nay, better since I’ve known him from the moment

He spoke the world into existence

And me also


One of your poets will write:

“They also serve who stand and wait”

That’s me, set at random

By my Lord to serve by waiting


And then!


He sets me up to be

For all to see.


I have heard  the sayings of Yahweh

I shall stand as witness

To keep God’s people faithful

I am nothing but a stone