So I say to the Lord God,
You are my Maker, my Mediator, and my Master.
Any good thing you find in me has come from you. (Psalm 16.2, Passion Translation)

I love this verse from the Passion Translation. It draws out three things that God is for us when we say that God is Lord:

  1. My Maker – God created us and fashioned and formed us in the womb. As our creator he knows best how we can flourish and have abundant life and get this, He tells us how that is possible! All of the things he tells us to do are for our own good and so that we might have abundant life.
  2. My Mediator – God the Son mediates between we who are not perfect and God who is perfect and cannot dwell with sin.
  3. My Master – This is what the word "Lord" implies. God is the one to whom we bow and to whom we defer and to whom we listen and obey. We ought to do this willingly and with delight because he has our best interests in mind. As Ed Welch writes, "The King is also our father!"

The last line sums up the truth quite well. Whatever good is found in us, comes from God himself. We ought to praise him for this, just as David did.