Genesis 3:11 (NET): Did you eat from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”

This sobering question—which both God and Adam and Eve knew was a “yes”—begins the whole sequence of events that would culminate at the cross and resurrection. 

We don’t really have a good idea what was going through the mind of Adam and Eve as they were driven from the garden of Eden. We don’t understand how an evil impulse could even enter someone who was created perfect and right with God from the beginning; those are mysteries which the Bible doesn’t address. We do, however, see God’s grace in the matter as he both provides for Adam and Eve in their sudden necessity to be clothed—this despite the fact that it was due to their own sin that they needed clothing—and immediately begins his plan of salvation which comes to fruition (though not final completion) when Jesus utters the words: “It is finished” at the cross.

I am thankful that we live on the it is finished side of the cross.  We have the completed work of Jesus Christ; we have the in dwelling Holy Spirit; we have the promises and hope of the Scriptures, and we have God’s word that Jesus will return for us. On these things we stand in hope.