I’m finished with Leviticus as I make my way through the NLT Chronological Bible in 90 days.  One of the advantages of reading the Bible quickly is that you get through difficult passages/books (like Leviticus) quickly!  Since Leviticus is so far removed from our own culture and experience and since the specifics do not apply to us in the Church age, it’s difficult reading for us to make our way through Leviticus.  This was not true for the Jews, however.  Leviticus was generally the first book that they came to know deeply (and often memorized!) because it dealt with how they should live in harmony with God in their daily lives.

Gordon Wenham, in his excellent commentary on Leviticus, points out that the presence of God is one of the central theological underpinnings of the book.  God was present first and foremost in worship, but he was also present in the daily activity of normal life. Wenham goes on to say that for the New Testament Christian, God’s presence was revealed in the Incarnation.  Another thing that Wenham points out is how holiness permeates the book of Leviticus (Wenham: Leviticus).

We may not need to understand all of the laws that God made for those specific people at that specific time, but we DO need to understand God’s presence in our lives in both worship and the mundane facts of day to day life.  We also need to understand and willingly embrace God’s call for holiness in our own lives.  He is holy himself, and he calls us to holiness.  One of the valuable things about Leviticus is that the reader comes to see how important holiness is.