Save us by your might; answer our prayer, so that the people you love may be rescued.” (Psalm 60:5, GNB)

God loves his people. David believes this so strongly that he rests the security of God’s people on God’s love for them.  David does not turn to weapons or strategy or cunning or trickery as Israel faces the mighty forces of Aram and Edom, he turns to God’s love for his people.  If the people are to be rescued it will not be because of their might but because of God’s concern for those whom he loves.

This verse is a beautiful example of dependence upon the Lord. The people cannot save themselves, only God can save them.  Their own strength is not sufficient, only God’s strength is sufficient.  Rather than rest on their own war cry, they prostrate themselves before God and pray for him to sound his own war cry against their foes “that the people you love may be rescued.”  Israel will get the help that she needs and God will get the glory as his people depend upon him.

Are you in need of help, dear reader?  Prayer and dependence is the starting point.  There will come a time to work, but first we pray and depend.